Ari Marcopoulos x Incase Camera Bag

Worked with the photographer Ari Marcopoulos to build this limited edition camera bag. Designed a one-handed messenger bag style suspension, quick access camera pockets, rain fly, etc. Made from nanosphere treated canvas. Styled the bag to work for Ari. The rainfly is a print, of an Ari photo, of his kid's pencil drawing, of a photo of Li'l Wayne. I thought it looked like a dead man in snow. We both thought it was rad.


ari marcopoulos

limited edition book  came with the bag

limited edition book came with the bag



Ari. from Out To Lunch, 2012

launch party in L.A. at Project Space

first proto around the world and back, beaten and used

checking the latest developments




"The Ari by Incase is the perfect gear bag for me. I can’t think of a single change to make to this bag… except MAYBE one exterior slot to slide a phone easier. It’s the perfect solution for comfort meets function. Sure, I’m tired after a 15 hour wedding day but no bag is going to change that and my back is worlds better off than when I use any other bag. It just feels like an extension of yourself strapped in and ready to rock a photo session. If you’re ready to stop your search for the ultimate camera bag and start concentrating on your photography instead… then buy it."